2021 NBA Finals Preview and Predictions

The Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns will face off in the NBA Finals, kicking off with Game 1 on Tuesday at 6 PM PDT.

My Prediction:

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I believe the Bucks will capture their third ring, and Giannis his first, by defeating Phoenix in six games.

The driving reason behind this prediction is the inexperience that the Suns have in the Playoffs. Will their roster be prepared under the blinding lights of the NBA finals? As someone who watches with the hope that the series is nail-bitingly close, I hope so, but I don’t think so. To clear the air, I am not a Phoenix Suns’ hater (although they did single-handedly destroy my playoff bracket); on the contrary, I actually would be thrilled to watch this Cinderella story come to a climax with Phoenix winning it all.

What to Pay Attention To:

Holiday vs. Paul:

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Bucks’ Role Players:

Guarding Chris Paul for the entires series will be an exhausting task, even for a premier defender like Holiday, meaning that the Bucks will need role players to step up and fill in the scoring hole that Holiday leaves. I am counting on Bobby Portis and Brook Lopez to fulfill this task, as both performed remarkably well under the spotlight in the conference finals.

Giannis’s Knee:

For the Bucks to have a realistic chance in this series, Giannis needs to return to full health. It will be a disaster if he is rushed back from injury and it is aggravated, leading to a more severe injury, similar to what happened with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson in the 2019 Finals. The Bucks, to be safe, should keep him out for at least Game 1 and only play him for 25 to 30 minutes in Game 2 to ease him back. This way, Giannis will avoid a serious injury, and he will be able to play at full health for the crucial closing games.

Devin Booker:

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